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Ready Mix Concrete

Why You Should Choose Ready Mix Concrete in West London

Date:02 / Apr / 2020

When it comes to the construction industry, concrete is one of the most widely used construction materials and preferred by all construction professionals. Its mechanical performance in a fresh and hardened state, together with the low need for maintenance, have made it the most competitive and durable material among all existing ones.

The advantages of ready mix concrete in West London are many. It eliminates waste or possible leaks, faster-laying speed and therefore a greater advance in the completion of the works, homogeneous mixing. The most important of all the advantages of using ready mix concrete in West Londonis the reduction in the cost of labour. Although it may seem completely irrelevant this generates a great impact for most construction companies and mainly for you. 

On the other hand, the producer benefits from the following aspects when making ready mix concrete in West London:

Less Wear and Tear on The Mixer Truck

While a premixing plant delivers a homogeneous concrete mix to the truck and the truck only needs to keep it moving at low revs. The batching plants leave all the mixing work to the truck which will generate medium-term wear on the internal vanes of the top. It translates into higher maintenance costs in the fleet. So, using ready mix concrete in West London gives you the best possible outcome.

Increased Energy Efficiency

A premix plant with a 2m 3 effective horizontal central mixer uses a 100Hp motor to perform a batch of concrete. When comparing the previous data with the dosing plants where it is evident that all the mixing is done by the mixer truck. Around 350 HP is used from the vehicle`s engine, which uses fuel that usually has a higher cost compared to the electrical network. Using ready mix concrete in West London would offer you increased energy efficiency.

Lower Consumption of Cement in The Mixture

When comparing the production of concrete using dosing plants, it is evident that the homogeneity of the mixture is lower. So that the cement does not achieve a wide distribution in the mixture, resulting in a reduction in technical characteristics. This problem is commonly solved by adding cement, but when contemplating the costs of the inputs for the production of concrete. Cement is the variable with the highest cost over aggregates, additives, fibres, etc. This is why premixing means less cement for the same resistance and therefore lower production costs.


The use of ready mix concrete in West London, in addition to being a guarantee of quality and compliance with technical specifications. It provides great benefits to the producer, such as cost reduction and greater efficiency in raw materials, improvements in energy efficiency and lower maintenance costs.

Remember that eConcrete has the latest equipment and components in the production of premixes, such as Pre-Mixing Plants for concrete and mortars. As well as systems for dosing control, central mixers, production control software, among others. So, contact the team of professionals from eConcrete and discuss your requirement for ready mix concrete in West London now.