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Why Use On-Site Screed Mixing in London

Why Use On-Site Screed Mixing in London

Date:10 / Oct / 2019

The screed consists mainly of cement, sands, and admixtures which help to regulate the differences in the level of soil in a building. It is useful for new construction or for a simple renovation; it will serve you in any case. It is based on a fluid such as a glycol or oil. Thus, the screed will mediate to cover properly all the cables and the pipes which allowed you to carry out these works. In other words, the screed is used to ensure flatness on the floor and give the floor a level and uniform look.You can either opt for on-site screed mixing in London or ready-mix screed for your construction work.

The Implementation of The Screed

  • As a safety measure, you must also ensure that he takes all the necessary precautions during all his work.
  • So, before the start of the activities, here are two essential points that the craftsman must follow:
  • Total humidification of the support and the entire surface to be coated;
  • A good hold of all pipes and ducts with strong cables.
  • As soon as the professional has completed these formalities, he can begin the actual installation.
  • To give you an idea, the installation steps are as follows:
  • The preparation of the parts and the surface to be covered;
  • Taking measurements of the room, the height of the walls and the thickness of the insulation;
  • The calculation of the number of screeds necessary to coat the whole piece (to obtain this volume, multiply the width by the length and by the thickness envisaged for the screed);
  • The installation of tiling trellis on the film or insulation;
  • The casting of the screed in the selected rooms.

Functions and Uses of On-Site Screed Mixing

  • The first function of the screed is to ensure the flatness of the rooms in your home.
  • His second role focuses on plumbing circuits and plumbing.
  • To prevent them from drowning in the slab and receiving a direct floor covering, the screed serves as a cover.
  • Thus, it makes it possible to preserve the proper functioning of the heating system and all the ducts.
  • It helps to properly coat the power cables in which circulates the heat transfer fluid, and which represents a potential danger.

The Advantages of The Screed

  • The benefits of this technique of covering pipes and electrical ducts are multiple.
  • The guarantee of a flat and well-leveled surface;
  • Easy application and adjust to any surface;
  • The perfect coverage of plumbing and electrical ducts;
  • The relatively low weight of the material;
  • The speed of drying (in less than 48 hours)
  • Contribution to the improvement of thermal and sound insulation;

Here Are Some Important Features:

  • Lightweight and fast drying in less than 36 hours;
  • An average thickness of 30 mm and superior to the technical ducts;
  • Exclusive use for the interior of buildings;
  • A flat surface guarantee for every room and an excellent insulating nature better than a conventional concrete;

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