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Reasons to Choose Concrete Flooring in London over Traditional Flooring

Reasons to Choose Concrete Flooring in London over Traditional Flooring

Date:11 / July / 2019

Concrete flooring in London has lately become very popular and for the right reasons. Some of the common types of concrete flooring you can opt for are stained and sealed floors overlay stain systems, solid color epoxy flooring, decorative epoxy systems and many more. Durable and versatile, concrete flooring system has many advantages over traditional flooring system such as tile, carpet, and wood. Some of them are:

You Are Free To Design and Match

Concrete flooring in London can be customized the way you desire. Complimentary colors and designs are often compromised due to the lack of availability of the options in traditional flooring. Concrete floors can be finished with a gloss, matte or satin sheen, you can obtain certain patterns and even you can choose to go seamless. By using certain techniques such as stamping, you can achieve many textures or you can even incorporate customized digital images and logos on the floor. To sum it up, you can go as you like and achieve anything that you want with its versatility when you opt for Concrete flooring in London.

You Maintain the Originality

Companies offering you Concrete flooring in London offers you endless designs, patterns, techniques available with the concrete floor surface, you can easily go for an original and modern style. You get to express yourself and your desires on the floor more dynamically if you choose Concrete flooring in London as compared to any kind of traditional flooring.

Durability and Maintenance

Durability and maintenance of Concrete flooring in London are negligible in compared to the traditional ones. It provides a barrier from cooking oils, body fluids and spills that causes wreak havoc on traditional flooring. You can go 10 years easily without any need for resealing. The Concrete flooring in London can be cleaned easily and efficiently without heavy chemicals or detergents. Waxing in certain intervals should be done to maintain the new and glossy appearance of the floor.


Apparently, it might feel like, concrete flooring is costlier than simply incorporating a carpet on the floor. But it is not. Carpet needs to be professionally cleaned often but there are no such requirements for concrete flooring in London. It is durable, versatile and cost-effective in the long run.

The Company

eConcrete is a London based company which supplies the ready-mix concrete to achieve polished and durable concrete flooring. Quality control is the most essential factor when it comes to making a structure; eConcrete takes good care of the material to achieve the concrete floors of your dreams. This company has many years of expertise and to know more about it, visit the website now.