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Commercial Ready-Mix Services in London Makes Your Work More Efficient

Date:06 / Feb / 2020

Nowadays, concrete is one of the most used construction materials in every aspect of the project.Its mechanical performance in a fresh and hardened state, together with the low need for maintenance, has made it the most competitive and durable material among all existing ones. Hence, constructors, these days are looking for commercial ready-mix services in London and making their project more efficient.


When placing concrete, avoid the following


  • Delays
  • Segregation
  • Waste


Advantages of using ready-mixed concrete fromeConcrete


·             Labour cost reduction


For the production and placement of concrete prepared on-site, a high number of man-hours (hh) on-site is necessary to guarantee the continuous placement of the concrete. On the other hand, with the use of ready-mix services in London, the hh on-site for concrete placement can be significantly reduced.


·             Reduction of costs of tools and equipment


When availing commercial ready-mix services in London, the mixer and ready-mix concrete pump supplant equipment such as the spinning top and winch, and tools such as wheelbarrows, lamps, buckets, among others, are significantly reduced.


·             Raw material storage for concrete production


Keeping raw material stored for the production of concrete on-site requires a large area and under controlled conditions that do not alter the quality of the raw material. Hence, with the use of commercial ready-mix services in London, this matter can be significantly taken care of.


·             Higher performance


In eConcrete, we have concrete plants with a production capacity of up to 120 cubic meters of concrete per hour, in addition to a fleet that covers the needs of the local market in all our plants, which ensure the continuous supply of concrete to large works, medium and small volumes. If you want to avail of commercial ready-mix services in London, we can help you in every possible manner.


·             More homogeneous mixtures


eConcrete mix designs are elaborated, verified, and validated before production; Likewise, all concrete plants are calibrated and verified, ensuring a correct loading of raw materials and avoiding variations during production.


·             Efficient quality control


As mentioned above, the respective quality control is performed on the inputs that are part of each mix design. In the same way, quality control is performed on the final product in a fresh and hardened state, which, together with the plants properly calibrated; they assure us a homogeneous product.


We at eConcrete provide great benefits to the producer, such as cost reduction and greater efficiency in raw materials, improvements in energy efficiency, and lower maintenance costs.


Remember that eConcrete has state-of-the-art equipment and components in the production of pre-mixes. We have Pre-Mixing Plants for concrete and mortars, as well as systems for dosing control, central mixers, software for production control, among others that you can find in our section.




It is necessary to know about the special care that must be taken into account in the process of placing the concrete so as not to affect the homogeneity achieved during mixing and achieve the expected results. Delays can cause the concrete to lose fluidity, dry out or lose moisture and become stiff. These inconveniences are a major problem on a hot and/or windy day. To avoid this, we should plan your project accordingly and avail commercial ready-mix services in London. Also,verify that the personnel, tools, and items to be emptied are ready and achieve a high level of performance in your project.