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Concrete Pump Hire

Know All About Concrete Pump Hire Service in London

Date:23 / Jan / 2020

It’s important to take a lot of calculative decisions while undergoing a construction project. Whether it’s a house construction or a commercial building or bridges or any other infrastructure, everything should be done with total dedication and professionalism. You need to get top class construction materials from leading suppliers in London to build the best structures that screams durability and strength. But getting the material supplies only is not enough and you need a box of other services from the supplier to implement your work in a proper method.

Here we are speaking of availing concrete transfer services in the form of concrete pump hire service in London! You have several choices to avail of concrete from manufacturer or to get it mixed onsite but what about getting it placed on the site of application? You need concrete everywhere from rooftops to pillars to flooring spaces, to high alleviated places. Manual labour is not the appropriate method to get the concrete transferred to these places and you need the help of some machinery and system. Concrete pump hire service in London is easily available from the suppliers and you can choose from two basic forms of concrete pumps!

Types of Concrete Pumps Hire Services Available In London

1.      Boom Pump Service

You must have seen pump services at construction sites with huge robotic arms that are remotely controlled by workers. These remote-controlled articulating arms place the concrete or screed mixture at the place where they are needed and at a quick pace. Such type of concrete pump hire in London is a fast, economical and spill-proof method to get the liquid mix transferred. You can work on any inaccessible places with this boom pump service.

2.      Line Pump Service

This is another method of concrete pumping best suitable for small scale construction. The volume of concrete pumping is lower and more controllable. A long hose pipe is connected to a stationary pump and the pipe can be extended virtually as per need. It is the best-suited option for horizontal pumping of the concrete or screed mix. Cheaper in costs than the boom pump service, this basic concrete pump hire service in London is a go-to option for smaller projects and budget controlled work.

Whatever may be the choice of concrete pump hire service in London, all you need is to ascertain your project scale and the speed of work you are looking at. A good and valuable service is the key to any successful construction work and only the best concrete pump hire service provider in London should be chosen for the purpose.

We are eConcrete, the leading construction supplies provider in London and Hayes and we give excellent value for money services for your work project. Whether it is supplying concrete mixes or screed mixes, we have all in-store with us and we lend machinery on hire for various other purposes related to construction work. If you want a fine quality concrete pump hire service in London, then do give us a call and speak to one of our executives.