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Know About Pumping Concrete before Going for Concrete Pump Hire in London

Know About Pumping Concrete before Going for Concrete Pump Hire in London

Date:25 / July / 2019

When you need to transport concrete to various heightsor distance, you need to pump it upwards or horizontally respectively based on the requirement at the construction site. A concrete pump is used where a large quantity of concrete work is involved at a greater height and where other means of manual transporting is difficultor it is not convenient to do. To make your construction work efficient, you can opt for concrete pump hire in London and make the whole process easy.

How Concrete Pumps Work?

Concrete pumps have been used for quite a long time. If you are looking for concrete pump hire in London, there are many hiring agencies available at your service.By using a concrete pump, a large amount of concrete can be transported by pumping it through the pipes attached to it. You can use such a machine to transport concrete over great distances and heights, which are otherwise not accessible via other means.

A concrete pump consistsof various parts. The first being a hopper,where the concrete is discharged from the mixer. It feeds the concrete pump itself and the delivery pipelines through which the concrete is delivered to the destination. You should always ensure to opt for concrete pump hire in London from a reputed agency to get the best of such a machine.

Types of Concrete Pump

There are two types of concrete pumps in use for transporting, they are:

1. Direct Acting Concrete Pumps

This type of pumps are direct-acting. There are horizontal pistons and semi-rotary valves attached to it. The operation of this type of concrete pumps is simple. Here, the concrete is poured into the pump from top utilising gravitational force and partly by suction which is created by the reciprocating motion of the horizontally-acting piston. Here, the semi-rotary valves open and close alternately as they work in motion.

2.Squeeze Concrete Pumps

These kind of pumps are smaller in size. These are portable peristaltic type of pumps. The concrete is fed into the flexible pipes with the help of rotating blades. These pipes areconnected to the pumping chamber. The pumping chamberis under a certain magnitude of vacuum, which ensures that except when these aresqueezed by the rotating rollers, the pipe shape remains cylindrical. This permits a continuous flow of concrete into the pipes.

Select a Suitable Concrete Pump for Your Job

You can select a concrete pump based on two parameters.

  • The expected volumetric output of concrete per hour
  • Peak pumping pressure

These two parameters are very important aspects as this ensures the efficiency of the machine at your construction site. So, it is very much essential to opt for the right concrete pump hire in London and make the most of this machine efficiency.

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