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Concrete Pump Hire in London

Concrete Pump Hire in London

What is concrete pump hiring service?

A concrete pump is nothing but a machine used to deliver/transport liquid concrete from our vehicles to the said location. We at e-concrete offer concrete pump hiring services in London for your construction. There are two types of concrete pumping machines as follows

  • Concrete boom pump

    It is used when the concrete needs to be transported to higher elevations or levels. It is done because, there are some places where the soil is not so strong that it can handle the weight of the truck, in such cases, the truck is parked at the nearest distance and then with the help of a powerful pump, it is sent through the connection of pipes. It has 4 chambers. It is one of the latest technologies due to its super convenient nature. It can reach upto 72 meters with extensions (if necessary). Hence, it is likely for you to issue a concrete pump hire in London for the betterment of your company.
  • Concrete ground pump

    Need concrete in your backyard and the truck would not fit in the alley alongside? Well, in that case, you should hire a concrete pump because, a narrow pump might. For restricted, minimal areas, where you need concrete but find difficult for its transportation, ground pumps can be easily, most effectively be used. The pump is made to lie along the ground and concrete is pumped through it to the target area. It can reach over 150 meters. It should also be well noted that the concrete should keep moving lest it solidifies. Thus, we at e-concrete can make sure your concrete is safely and in a cleaner way transported once you issue a concrete pump hire now in London!

The basic reason, need for the invention of concrete pump hire in London is to conserve time and energy. Earlier, when the practice of concrete pump hire was not vigilant, concrete had to be transported manually with the help of wheelbarrows (a small traditional cart with one wheel and the front and two wheels and handles at the rear used to carry/transport loads) or by transporting buckets filled with concrete with the help of cranes. The invention of concrete pump hire in London made construction a lot easier and faster. Hence, we at e-concrete proudly make use of such services for the betterment of our clients.