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Concrete Flooring in London

Top 7 Benefits of Concrete Flooring in London

Date:07 / Nov / 2019

Concrete floorings in London have become more and more popular not only for their decoration but for some of the advantages they offer.First, you may wonder what decorative concrete floors are. Well, concrete floors are just finished with a pattern applied so that they look prettier.

1. Durability: Plant decoration not only beautifies the place but also adds some durability on the concrete surface. If you add some decorations to your floor, it will last longer than any flooring material. With tinted concrete, you will need a new finish when looking a few decades once, while if you use rags, you may have to replace them once within a few years.

2. Easy to maintain: Maintaining concrete flooring in London that looks optimally requires a minimum of maintenance. Seal or wax every 3 to 9 months, depending on the amount of traffic, to maintain a protective layer on the surface. For periodic cleaning, it can be cleaned with neutral agents and mop. In case of difficult spots or streaks, soft fibres (blue utility pad) can be used.

3. Friendly to the environment: In most cases of concrete flooring in London, the installation is done on other concrete surfaces of a lesser degree. This means that the installation of the concrete floor is done without uninstalling the previous material. By not producing new material, there is no carbon footprint or material depletion.

4. Versatile: Because the concrete has a flat surface free of pores, lumps, or defects, any other material in the future can be installed on it. This provides total freedom for future designs and uses. So, opting for concrete flooring in London will be a good choice indeed.

5. Long life: A properly sealed concrete floor with proper maintenance can last indefinitely. Even in commercial applications with high traffic conditions, it can last for years.

6. Design options: When people think of a concrete floor, they do it with a practical grey surface with an uneven scratched surface. However, new and modern mixing and configuration techniques allow the design of a wide variety of colours, textures, and effects that make the material really versatile.

7. Cleaning: Concrete floorings are very easy to clean. Another advantage is that decorations do not usually need special maintenance. Just use a vacuum cleaner to remove dust and dirt and then use a mop and water to clean it. Water does not damage the soil. It is a good alternative to any floor of your house.This is the reason for so much popularity of concrete flooring in London.

In some cases, the colouring is done by mixing directly in the concrete before being applied. For surfaces already installed, the use of acid stains or suitable colouring agents can be used. It can also be painted with waterproof latex paints. The concrete texture can be softened during the installation process by eConcrete. Alternative sets, textures, and patterns can be carved on the surface during the setting.