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Benefits of Associating with Ready Mix Concrete Suppliers in London

Benefits of Associating with Ready Mix Concrete Suppliers in London

Date:03 / Oct / 2019

Ready-mixed concrete is a type of concrete that is designed and mixed in the laboratory and transported by agitating trucks (mixer trucks) to the site of work. Ready Mix Concrete is a type of controlled concrete that has high work efficiency.

Ready Mix Concrete or RMC is manufactured in a batch plant, Ready Mix Concrete is normally delivered in two forms:

In-transit Mixtures

In this In-transit mixtures, barrel truck delivers concrete in a plastic state to the construction site or the place where the requirement of ready-mixed concrete is needed.

Volumetric concrete mixture

In this volumetric concrete mixture, the delivery of concrete is done in the ready mix in a dry state and then mixes the concrete on the construction site or the place where the requirement of ready-mixed concrete is needed.

Types of Ready Mixed Concrete

The mainly ready mixed concrete is of three types, it depends upon the mixing of various incidents as given follow:

  • Transit Mixed Concrete
  • Shrink Mixed Concrete
  • Central Mixed Concrete

Benefits of Buying Ready Mix Concrete from Top Ready Mixed Concrete Suppliers in London:

  • The speed of construction of ready mix concrete is higher.
  • Ready-mix concrete also reduces wastage as compare to in-situ concrete mix.
  • With the help of ready mix concrete, our labour cost also gets decrease as you don’t need any labour to mix concrete.
  • Ready mix concrete also suitable for very large projects.
  • Ready mix concrete is also suitable at the time when small quantities of concrete are required at different time.
  • The quality control of ready mixconcrete is also good, as it is manufactured in controlled conditions.
  • Ready mix concrete is suitable for sites located in or near congested areas.
  • Ready mix concrete is highly durable and sustainable.

Advantage of Ready Mixed Concrete

There are many advantages of associating with ready mixed concrete suppliers in London. Some of them are listed below:

  • By using ready mixed concrete, the cost of a warehouse for storing raw material reduces.
  • There is no noise and air pollution and also the consumption of diesel and petrol become less.
  • Product gets deliver as per the requirement (large/small) on time directly to the construction site.
  • Chances of human error reduce as it is readily made and dependency on human labour also get decreases.
  • Ready Mixed Concrete leads to less consumption which results in less production of cement, so environment pollution gets decreases.
  • Conserve energy and resources

The disadvantage of Ready Mixed Concrete

List of disadvantages of Ready Mixed Concrete is as follows:

Transportation cost will get added, as the cement is been transferred from the manufacturing plant to the construction site.

If proper care of ready mixed concrete is not taken properly then there might be chances of segregation.

As the mixture is been transported so chances of unexpected traffic are always there, that may lead to the setting of concrete. So, you must have requirements of the addition of admixtures to delay the setting period.

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