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All You Need To Know About Polished Concrete Flooring

All You Need To Know About Polished Concrete Flooring

Date:18 / July / 2019

The concrete flooring was once appropriate just to cover up the concrete foundation of one’s home but with time polished concrete flooring has become trending and sophisticated and now considered as one of the prime flooring surfaces for modern design home.

What Is Polished Concrete Flooring?

Polished concrete flooring is simply a concrete floor which is treated with some chemical and grounded down with progressively finer grinding tools. With the increasing grit, the fineness increases in polished concrete flooring and it makes the house look good while it is equally easy to clean it regularly.

What Is The Appeal?

• Green Flooring Solution: Polished concrete flooring falls under the category where you extract the result from an already existing thing. You polish the existing concrete and get a beautiful, shiny floor, it eliminates both the materials and energy required in installing a floor in a traditional way.

• Modern Flooring Aesthetic: Polished concrete flooring works nicely with modern architecture and aesthetic giving it a minimalistic, clean and straightforward surface.

What Are The Benefits?

• Low Maintenance: Once the concrete is polished and sealed, it does not take much effort to maintain. Also, polished concrete flooring looks good and is convenient to maintain.

• Easy To Clean: Simply mopping the floor once a week keeps polished concrete flooring clean and dirt-free. No need of using heavy chemicals or calling a professional to clean the floor unlike traditional flooring such as carpet, tiles, etc.

• Durability: Polished concrete flooring, after hardening and being polished, if maintained properly could last more than 100 years compared to another traditional floor which has the durability of a few years.

• Non-Slippery: Apparently concrete flooring is smooth in appearance but they are way less slippery than the waxed marble if kept clean and dry.

• Moisture Related Damage Proof: Polished concrete flooring is not vulnerable to humidity or moisture.

How Can It Be Customized?

• Borders: The concrete floor can be enhanced more by the appropriate usage of borders. It adds a beautiful finishing touch if you want to go for simple, monochromatic floor design.

• Stains & Dyes: Concrete in any form can be stained and dyed to be made into any design to enhance the look and feel of the concrete.

• Scores, Grids and Radial lines: Polished concrete floors can be lined, scored and gridded to provide customized geometry to the floor.

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