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Achieve Highest Quality Structure with On Site Screed Mixing Hayes

Date:09 / Jul / 2020

Screed is a thin layer of paste on a concrete structure which is made of cement, sand, and other fine aggregates. Generally, the ratio of material combination to create good quality screed is one part of cement added to 3 – 5 parts of sand. Screed is poured on the floor foundation before adding tiles or carpets on it.

A screed layer is used to create a smooth surface on a concrete base. It also helps in reinforcing or protecting the concrete floor base. It can also be used to cover pipes underneath floor surfaces or wall surfaces and achieve a smooth and perfect look. A screed layer can be efficiently added in cold weather of above 3®. However, you should wait for the screed to cure before applying any covering on it or stepping onto it.

Ensure Top Quality Material with On Site Screed Mixing Services in Hayes

If you are into the construction business, it is advisable to opt for on site screed mixing Hayes and check for yourself as the mix gets ready at your project site. You will be able to use the freshly combined screed for your work and achieve the highest level of toughness and smoothness to the structure. Also, here you can check the ratio of the ingredients being mixed and can direct the team to make the mix as per your project requirement.

We at eConcrete offer high-quality services in on site screed mixing in Hayes. Associating with us for all kinds of building materials and other services will offer you many benefits. Here is what we offer with our on site screed mixing services and how we can prove to be beneficial for your business.

l  High Quality Screed

l  Best of ingredients

l  The volume of the screed as per the requirement

l  No wastage of material

l  No transportation cost

l  Regulate on spot combine

l  Site Inspection for Quality Assurance

l  Efficiency in screed combination

l  Timely Service & Swift Delivery

l  Quality Screed with Site Inspection

l  Good Quality Screed&Value for Money

Availing quality services such ason site screed mixing Hayesfrom the house of eConcrete will help you to get the best quality material and achieve tough structures. For being a reputed company in the industry we offer everything which is of the best quality. Our designated technicians will reach the project site well before your work commencing time so that the screed can be mixed at the required ratio and make it available to you right at the moment you need to pour it. We offer you the required volume of screed mix so that you can achieve a smooth surface of the structure and give it a fine look.

Get in touch with us and let us know what your project requirement is and we will serve you in the best possible manner to make your project a successful one. Call us today and discuss y9our requirements and we will make it worthwhile for you.

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